After serving as PCS’ head baseball coach the last six seasons, Kyle Maxie is stepping away from the game and entering a new phase of his career—athletic administration. Maxie, a former North Forrest and Southern Miss baseball star, will remain at the school, working alongside athletic director Josh Dorman. 

“This is something that’s taken a while through a lot of conversations,” said Maxie, who studied sports administration at USM. “This is God’s plan and something that I’m super excited about. I’m looking forward to seeing PCS athletics grow tremendously here in the near future.

“It’s an area I take tremendous pride in and an area I can use my strengths to enhance a lot more people than just one program. I can be a part of building an entire athletic department with Coach Dorman, who is someone I really look up to and trust.”

A coaching search for Maxie’s replacement is already underway, according to the school’s official Twitter page. Maxie believes his successor will land in a promising situation. 

“Where PCS baseball has came in the six years I’ve been there from a facilities standpoint to an overall talent standpoint, I’m very proud of that,” said Maxie. “Whoever is the next in line is inheriting a program that’s loaded with young talent that’s going to be very successful for the years to come.”

Maxie, 31, is also not ruling out a potential return to coaching one day. 

“The competitive fire is never going to leave,” added Maxie. “If that itch and desire outweighs what I’m doing now, I would have no problem getting back on the field at some point. But at this time, I feel like this is where God’s leading me, to take on this new role and responsibility.”