Photo/James Pugh

They say, “Go Big or Go Home.”

When it came to our first major video project, we said, “Go Big.” A small production would’ve been the easier task, but why start small? When the concept was born, we had no idea what the road set before us would look like. We had no idea how much time, from start to finish, this production would take, but we knew we wanted to see it through to the end. 

The end of the road, concerning this production (from start to finish), included videoing seven days of practice and one day of a spring game, four hours of shooting each of these days (if not more), 500G of storage space and two months of non-stop editing into one final piece. 

“Dawgs of War” is about one local high school’s football program (Bay Springs) and their spring preparations for the upcoming 2018 MHSAA football season. The documentary is about 36 minutes long and hopefully is worth your time. 

We hope you enjoy…

Special thanks to: Bay Springs High School, head coach Dan Brady and staff, and Andy King.


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