Photo/Zac Chamblee

Contrary to some other superstar athletes, Dannis Jackson does his best to shy away from the spotlight. He did so as a freshman at Sumrall High School three years ago and does the same today as a senior and one of the top football recruits in the state.

“He [Jackson] really is a team guy,” said Sumrall coach Shannon White. “He doesn’t like attention and is really kind of a background guy. But you’re forced into the spotlight with social media today, because every time there’s an offer, everybody in the world knows about it. You can’t avoid the spotlight.”

Monday was one of those days for Jackson, as he was presented with his honorary Under Armour All-American jersey in front of family, friends, coaches and teammates in Sumrall’s basketball gymnasium. The Ole Miss wide receiver commit will suit up for the annual all-star game on January 3, 2019 in Orlando, Florida. 

“It’s a great honor,” said Jackson. “It’s always been like a dream of mine to play in the All-American Game. Now to actually be selected in it, I’m just thankful.”

White had an idea two of three years ago this day would come. Jackson did in fact lead the Bobcats in every receiving category as a freshman back in 2015. 

“I told him as a 9th grader that he’d be a national recruit if he kept his head on and put in the work,” said White. “He was so talented at that age. That was just an opinion, but it turned out to be true. He has gotten better every year.”

White points to Jackson’s work ethic and humility as the reason for that improvement. 

“Dannis is talented for sure, but he’s also worked very hard,” explained White. “I think that’s what is left out of it sometimes. There’s a lot of talented guys out there that maybe don’t have the work ethic that they should have. They just rely on their talent, but Dannis has never been that way. He’s always worked really hard and done what we’ve asked him to do.”

And the results are showing in the stat sheet and the win column. With Jackson leading the way at quarterback this year, Sumrall is currently 7-0 having just beaten Purvis for the first time in over a decade. 

“It’s great to be a Sumrall Bobcat right now,” said Jackson with a smile. “We have two tough teams coming up in Lawrence County and Poplarville, so we gotta buckle down this week.”

Jackson and the Bobcats will be back in action Friday night at Lawrence County (5-2). Kickoff is scheduled for 7 pm in Monticello.