Here are your Jasper County Week 8 predictions as picked by Zach Buckley.

Clarkdale at Bay Springs

The Bulldogs did something last week that I have not seen in a long time. They gave the Tartars a victory well before the game ended. I’m not at all calling them quitters, but something was not right in their second-half effort.
Of course, Taylorsville has made more then a few teams look mediocre this year. I’m a believer in this Bay Springs team and coaches. Their schedule softens all the way to the playoffs. If they get some youth playing better and heal some of their nicks and bruises, they can go far.
Clarkdale will be shocked at how good the Bulldog JV team is.

Prediction: Bay Springs 45, Clarkdale 0.

Heidelberg at Enterprise

This will be a close game, and the only way Heidelberg wins is by strong defense and keeping the score low.
Oilers will win by a 2-point conversion or four safeties. Either way, they’ll take it.

Prediction: Heidelberg 8, Enterprise 6.

Mt. Olive at Stringer

It seems far and long ago since Stringer lost to Bay Springs, and now the Red Devils have climbed into the top five of 1A.
Resurrection may not be happy with Stringer, but I bet they would rank the Devils at number one after that beat down last week. A statement made by the Red Devils.
Pirates, you’re next in line, and you better not burn the ships. You will not want to stay long for the whipping you’re about to receive.

Prediction: Stringer 42, Mount Olive 0.

Columbia Academy at Sylva-Bay Academy

The Saint’s put a much-needed halt on a two-game losing streak. They put up plenty of points against Amite, and seem to have answered some questions about whether or not they were ready to start basketball a little earlier.
Last year, Columbia ran the clock to keep the score from triple digits. It is so weird to think the Saints have come so far, but they have a shot at winning against a much bigger Columbia. I’m not taking my wallet on that bet.
Prediction: Columbia Academy 23, Sylva Bay Academy 20.