Here are your Jasper County Week 9 predictions as picked by Zach Buckley.

Bay Springs at Newton

Matchups are pretty lame throughout Jasper County, but we can always talk playoffs. 

It is time to start thinking about brackets, and what chances we have of going all the way…Wait, we’re just in Week 9. Everyone knows you have to go through Collins or Taylorsville before we get all wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. 

Oh, and by the way, Newton WAS a pretty good rivalry at one time.

Prediction: Bay Springs 42, Newton 6.

Stringer at Salem

Salem won their first game of the season and had not won a game since. Stringer lost their first game of the season and had not lost since. Shocker…I think I’ll take the Devils. Plus, Red Devils can’t work on those homecoming dance moves if they’re in a tight game.

Prediction: Stringer 46, Salem 0.

Heidelberg at Clarkdale

Enterprise slipped late to lose last Friday against the Oilers. Winning at this point could determine important playoff spots. The Oilers did not want the last seed in their region. I think they will prove that again this week. Oilers will strike it rich at Clarkdale.

Prediction: Heidelberg 40, Clarkdale 12.

Sylva-Bay Academy at Ben’s Ford Christian

The Saints stole a game last Friday against a bigger team. They seem to have their swagger back, and they will need it. Ben’s Ford is not a great team by any means, but they have young talent that can cause the Saints fits. 

This is a district game, and a must win for Sylva-Bay. The Saints will march to victory yet again.

Prediction: Sylva Bay Academy 44, Ben’s Ford Academy 13.