Here are your Jasper County Week 14 predictions as picked by Zach Buckley.

Bay Springs at Richton

That Taylorsville loss isn’t looking so bad right now. The Bulldogs pretty much bulldozed their only roadblock to South State by beating Pelahatchie. Richton broke some new playoff record by hosting two games back to back. 

Let me tell you, young dogs, if you think this will be a cake walk, you better get your heads out of the clouds. The Rebels play hard and have nothing to lose. I smell danger.

Prediction: Bay Springs 23, Richton 16.

Stringer at Nanih Waiya

It seems like I have been picking with my heart too much lately, but something tells me Stringer is not ready to send these seniors to the equipment return line. 

I’m going to do a little name calling. Anthony Thomas, Caleb Dyess, Keyshaun Dease, and Conner hicks, this is win-or-go-home. Your defense which includes you, other seniors, and underclassmen have had your back all year long. They had stepped up when you needed them most by holding Lumberton to six points. It is time that you take the ball and ram it into the end zone at least four times. You four have not experienced a real quality win all season. This is your chance to taste a huge victory, and you better feed those other Devils that have had your back. 

I’m picking the upset, and the only person I know that is brave enough to do it in public. 

Prediction: Stringer 28, Nanih Waiya 27.